Friday, 12 February 2010

Flower Ring

Because I am doing my level 2 instructor course in October this year I need all the practice that I can get in between now and then, so every time I have an idea for a design ( within reason because of the cost of the clay), I try to make it while it is still fresh in my mind, sometimes they turn out somewhere near the original design sometimes not.

This ring did end up somewhere near.

I am very pleased with the shine on the inside of the ring, this is one of the techniques that I need to improve on, while making my pieces of silver.
The other thing with making rings is the join, the ring needs to be seemless.

I oxidised it with liver of sulphur, but I think it may be a bit overdone as it looks dull.

While I was polishing it one of the leaves dropped off, I should have used more paste while I was assembling it, this gave me the chance to practice my soldering techniques, at the same time the torch would burn off the oxidisation.

After soldering, (as you can see by these pics, was successful)

I probably will oxidise it again because I like the effect, it makes the detail of the texture pop, but I won't do it so dark.