Sunday, 31 January 2010

The start of this fascination

I discovered metal clay while I was trawling the Internet for materials, inspiration....who knows? but I was instantly hooked..... clay that could be turned into precious metal?

A few years ago, as a hobby I had started making bridal tiaras, fascinators, corsages, wire work in general which, in turn led to beading, hence the trawling of the Internet, don't get me wrong I still like making these things I love working with wire and learning new techniques but...... this material metal clay. It's like I'd been waiting for it to be invented.

I had bought a starter kit in Chester Bead Show where I had seen a demo. by Tracey Spurgin (who by the way runs the classes that I eventually attended).

That demonstration gave me the confidence to get started, not straight away though it took me weeks to pluck up the courage to have a go.

This is the piece that I ended up with, not the most inspirational design, but I was sweating, all that money on this tiny bit of clay that I had to shape very quickly as it dries out so fast, then had to leave it dry overnight, when it was dry it had to be refined by sanding, all the while knowing that it could break at any time it was so brittle, then horror of horrors I had to fire it using either a ring on a gas hob or a blowtorch.

I chose the gas hob, which for me was the slightly less scary option.

Well I got over that scary but very exciting hurdle, and yes I know now that I didn't sand it well enough, and didn't polish it well enough, but I am so proud of my first piece of fine silver jewellery that I still wear it every day.
To be continued...