Sunday, 14 March 2010


I found a seahorse tutorial on the Artclay website in one of the quarterly newsletters, seahorses are one of the animals that I like a lot, so I couldn't resist having a go at making one.

The first thing was to make a cork clay shape of the seahorse, let that dry for at least 24 hrs. draw the design in pencil onto the cork then follow the lines using syringe type clay.

The tutorial left the design open like basket weave, but I decided to cover the lines of clay with paste clay, applying thin coats drying between each coat.

The eye is a 3mm. cubic zirconia.

I made templates for the fins, textured them then cut them out of the silver clay, after drying I attached them to the body

Here he is after firing...... very handsome!

After a couple of hours polishing by hand and in the tumbler, oxidisation with liver of suphur I polished him back so the detail stands out, this is the result and I am very pleased with him.

Just one more thing I forgot to mention.... the brooch fastening I used a fine silver brooch pin which went on ok, I had to build on the back to create a base for the two ends of the pin, one of them came off while I polished it, obviously I didn't take care to add enough syringe to the joint, I eventually managed to solder it on after three or four attempts. Oh and I put the ends of the pin on the wrong way round. that's a mistake that I shouldn't make again?
This project has been good for me to complete, it has enabled me to practice a few different techniques.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sunshine awards

I would like to thank Tracy @ and
Janice @ for the Sunshine Awards for my blog.

I have to apologise for not mentioning it on my blog before now and not sending the awards to other bloggers.

I have just started a new job after being out of work since November last year, it has been a bit of a shock to the system, along with a busy family life, there just has not been enough hours in the day.

Hopefully I will soon be sending these awards out to others out there in blogger land, when I can find the time to read and choose 24 deserving bloggers from the thousands of you out there.

Some of my family, my son-in-law is missing from this picture and it was taken a couple of years ago, there are two more grandchildren due this year.